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Safety Measures on Campus


Acting together as One INSEAD to protect our community.

Wear your mask

Respect social distancing

Avoid physical contact

Wash your hands

Clean as you go

Download contact tracing app

We are acting together as One INSEAD to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our community. Learn about the measures in place to protect ourselves and each other. It is up to all of us to ensure we have a safe campus. Thank you for playing your part!


Cleanliness on Campus



Hand  sanitiser  and disinfectant are available throughout our campuses/locations to ensure everyone plays their part in maintaining a clean and hygienic learning and working environment. This ranges from hand sanitiser dispensers to disinfectant wipes in meeting rooms and amphitheatres.  


The frequency of cleaning has been increased. Indoor air quality has been enhanced with regular disinfection as well as regular cleaning and replacement of filters. Adjustments have also been made to increase the amount of fresh air in-take.  

Safety Measures for Coffee Breaks


Drinks will be served by our service staff.

Buffet meals are replaced with individually packed, or pre-packed food depending on dietary requirements.

Individuals will be expected and required to take responsibility to adhere to social distancing directions and guidelines in dining and coffee break areas. We urge people to avoid peak times.

Safety Measures in Restaurants


Social distancing markers are in place throughout our campuses/locations.

There are no buffets available. All lunch meals will be served. Only 4 individuals per table.

Safety Measures in Amphitheatres



Professors will teach within designated areas.

Service staff will refill bottles during breaks/lunches

Each participant has their own water bottle, glass and pack of whiteboard markers.

Every table-top in amphitheatre has cleanas-you-go kit and hand sanitiser.


SafeEntry Kiosks


On the Asia Campus, in line with local regulations.

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