The latest on how the Business School for the World is
responding to the COVID-19 situation.

The COVID-19 crisis is a global challenge unlike any other. INSEAD is taking all measures to protect the health of our community and acting in line with government regulations and WHO recommendations. Our Executive Committee has established a cross-departmental working group that meets regularly, monitors the situation and takes action with health and safety as a top priority.

We are also working to keep the Business School for the World open and collaborative. We are using online learning and engaging virtually, with our professors seeking to understand this challenge and what it will take to thrive and prosper in the future. INSEAD welcomes everyone to join this discussion and chart a course for a more sustainable and secure future. On this page you will also find a list of upcoming webinars where our professors, participants, alumni and staff explore the human cost of this pandemic, the growing economic impact and the business implications of COVID-19. The webinars are free of charge for the INSEAD community and recordings of each webinar will be shared on our website and social media after the events.

Hear from students, clients, alumni, staff and faculty about the INSEAD response to COVID-19. Our global community making global impact. Together, we are a force for good, reshaping the future!


Insights from Our Faculty 



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Join the Conversation


Our pursuit of academic excellence continues with INSEAD Conversations. This innovative webinar series features a broad array of thought leaders from our acclaimed faculty and community, including some of today’s foremost business leaders and entrepreneurs. These webinars showcase the diverse contributions from groups around INSEAD, including our research centres and initiatives, student clubs and alumni. Open to all, these online conversations take a deep dive into key issues and questions shaping our rapidly changing world. Join one of our INSEAD Conversations today.


Online Programmes


Mirroring the diversity and dynamism found in a typical INSEAD classroom, our online programmes provide a rich learning experience focused on maximising business impact.

Working with a learning coach throughout the programme, you will also practise applying your learning to your own context by working on Action Learning Projects (ALPs), to build a concrete action plan aligned with your organisation and your personal learning objectives.

Our Online Programmes can cater to groups and multiple teams coming from the same organisation - helping you to leverage further the group learning outcome.

Volunteer Information


This COVID-19 crisis presents an urgent and unprecedented challenge. We encourage anyone who wants to get involved to volunteer and help in their local cities and countries. Our community members recommend the following resources to find volunteer opportunities where INSEAD campuses and facilities are located:

Europe Campus in Fontainebleau:
Je Veux Aider –
Réserve Civique –
France Bénévolat –
La Croix-Rouge française –
Solidarité Paysans –

Asia Campus in Singapore: –
City Of Good –

Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi: –
Gulf News -
Khaleej Times -
The National -

North America Hub in San Francisco:
City of San Francisco –
HandsOn Bay Area –

If you want to recommend additional volunteer opportunities or other ways to engage, please let us know at [email protected].

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