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Startups Against Corona:

How Corporates and Startups Could Collaborate Better to Find Quick Solutions


Tuesday, 19 May 2020 - 11:00am CET

Presented by [email protected]

During crises like Covid-19 top start-ups may be a critical resource for recovery, providing quick solutions where they’re needed most. Supply chains are in turmoil; businesses are getting crushed; millions of jobs might be disappearing. On top of all this, the looming public health crisis threatens to claim as many lives in total.
As opposed to established incumbents, top start-ups have an advantage in this sort of agile problem solving. They have unique, often patented intellectual property, billions in venture capital to fund their risky innovation projects, a bare-bones workforce, and some of the most talented engineers and managers.
In this webinar we will discuss how start-ups could help by (a) directly supporting governments with innovative and fast solutions; but (b) even more importantly for the purposes of this discussion, start-ups could help thousands of corporates with their extremely difficult problems.
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Gregor Gimmy

Managing Director
27 pilots


Christian Heinrich

Co-founder & VP Growth
scoutbee GmbH


Mario Pieper

Chief Digital Officer & Head of Digital Business Unit
BSH Home Appliances Group


Joerg Niessing

Senior Affiliate Professor of Marketing


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