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An INSEAD Conversations webinar

Safety vs Privacy: Do we have to choose?


Wednesday, 17 June 2020 - 15h CET

Presented by [email protected]


In many countries, privacy is in danger of becoming a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. GPS-enabled smartphone apps with liberal data-gathering permissions have become a standard feature of quarantine enforcement in Hong Kong, China, and South Korea. In Australia, several states have introduced or are debating laws that would force quarantine-breakers to wear an electronic tracking device.

Privacy concerns may appear trivial next to the pressing threat to human life that COVID-19 represents. But human rights groups worry that the ground ceded to the authorities in the name of public health may not be regained once the crisis passes. Already, strongman leaders such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban are capitalising on the coronavirus to arrogate far-reaching powers to themselves. Do we, as a society, face a stark choice between privacy and safety?

The talk will discuss how privacy and safety can both be achieved by managing personal data (such as location history or health data) using Blockchain and other DLTs.

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Aly Madhavji MBA’16D

Managing Partner
Blockchain Founders Fund

Matt McGuire

Co-Founder, Practice Leader
The AML Shop

Andrea Canidio

Stone Fellow on Wealth Inequality

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