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An INSEAD Conversations webinar

Is AI the Silver Bullet Against COVID 19?

Learnings for businesses as they adopt AI technologies


Wednesday, 8 July 2020 - 16h CET (1h)

Presented by [email protected]

There has been a lot of media hype about the role of AI in managing and overcoming the current pandemic. AI is being used to help accelerate the development of a vaccine, predict clusters, figure out distancing rules, design tracking and detection tools and improve hospital bed usage just to name a few. However, it has also become apparent over the past few months, that AI is not a magic wand. With so little historical data and understanding of the virus and its behaviour, how accurate and useful are these AI models and tools, and how effective are they when deployed at global scale? Why is reliable data so hard to get? What is needed to build models that are trustworthy and reliable? Is AI always the right tool? And given the changes in business and society, how can AI help us detect and predict patterns and make better decisions?





Pavel Kireyev

Professor of Marketing


Manoj Saxena

Executive Chairman, CognitiveScale
Chairman, AI Global


Joanna Gordon MBA'04D


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