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Years of research on humanitarian operations management
High level research publications
Pedagogical case studies
"Humanitarian Logistics", the first book on the subject (2009)


Over the past 17 years, HRG has become the world’s leading research group in the field of humanitarian operations management. We have worked with more than 20 humanitarian organisations, from headquarters to program level, and from Geneva to Nairobi. In addition to the research outputs quantified above, we have contributed the following to the humanitarian operations management field:  

  • Over a decade of experience in MBA, Executive, and PhD teaching on humanitarian operations

  • Initiator of colleges in humanitarian operations at POMS and EURO Professional Societies, and sections at major journals

  • The first three special issues in top journals on the subject

  • Organiser of conferences and workshops, e.g., the EURO HOpe conference and the Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference in collaboration with MIT and Georgia Tech

HRG reflects

We want to share our insights into the world of ‘extreme logistics’ and the broader complexities of humanitarian operations with you and tell you the stories of what happens before and after disasters are on the news. These short cases are suitable for academic course work related to logistics and supply chain management, but also aimed to create awareness of humanitarian problems, and, above all, to be exciting and interesting to read. Stay tuned, because the INSEAD Humanitarian Research Group will continue to spread awareness through novel cases on a regular basis.

How We Work


Our aim is to do impactful practice-based research. This requires direct engagement with the humanitarian sector. We therefore maintain long term research partnerships with humanitarian organisarions. This gives us the contextual knowledge for developing evidence-based insights and solutions for the various challenges organisations face. It also allows us to close the research loop and to be involved in follow up or implementation steps. This is what a typical research partnership looks like:

Our expertise

Uniquely positioned in a leading business school, HRG taps into a vast pool of resources including PhD candidates, MBA students, and world-class domain experts from our large academic network. Our group hosts expertise across a wide range of domains.

  • Methodological expertise: analytics, statistics, modelling, optimisation, and qualitative research techniques

  • Thematic expertise:  strategy, operations, supply chain management, marketing, business models, organisational behaviour, asset management, information systems

  • Application expertise: disaster relief, development assistance, global health, epidemiology, family planning, sustainability



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