INSEAD Women at Work Conference 2020



About the INSEAD Women at Work Conference

The inaugural INSEAD Women at Work Conference was held in 2018 in celebration of INSEAD’s first female MBAs, who had graduated 50 years prior. Following the model from the first two years, the 2020 conference will be a full-day event (including lunch and dinner) that will provide a forum for researchers who study gender and the experience of women in business and related contexts to present and discuss the latest ideas, results, and innovative projects. Presenters will span multiple perspectives (e.g., sociology, psychology, economics, management) as well as methodologies including lab and field experiments, surveys, and analyses of qualitative and archival data. 

Our goals in previous years were to increase our understanding of the root causes of gender inequality and the consequences of gender diversity, and share solution-focused methods for organisations working to develop gender balance by fully engaging and facilitating all potential talent. For 2020, we are focusing on research located at the intersections of gender issues with various identities and contexts, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, culture, national identity, education, economic inequality, industry, etc. – as they relate to gender at work. We feel this theme is particularly relevant given the unique location and position of Abu Dhabi as a hub where culture and gender intersect in fascinating ways. Thus, the topic of the 2020 Women at Work Conference is: “Intersections of Identities in Context.”

This year's conference will take place on Monday, 30 March, 2019 (registration will open at 8:30 am on 30 March, and the conference will adjourn after dinner that same day). The conference location is: TBD, INSEAD Middle East campus (Abu Dhabi).

For more information about the 2020 Women at Work Conference, please contact Clarissa Cortland at

2020 Programme -- "Intersections of Identities in Context"

INSEAD Middle East Campus (Abu Dhabi)


**Programme TBD**

List of Confirmed Speakers

Wifag ADNANNYU-Abu Dhabi
Modupe AKINOLAColumbia Business School
Caryn BLOCKColumbia University, Teachers College
Linda BRIMMINSEAD (Europe campus)
Lucia DEL CARPIOINSEAD (Europe campus)
Alessandra GONZALEZUniversity of Chicago
Laura HUANGHarvard Business School
Kerri JOHNSONUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Miguel LOBOINSEAD (Middle East campus)
Angela MAITNERAmerican University of Sharjah
Ashley MARTINStanford Graduate School of Business
Michael NORTONHarvard Business School
Ivy ONYEADORYale University
Ernesto REUBENNYU-Abu Dhabi
Michelle RYANUniversity of Exeter
Katina SAWYERGeorge Washington University
Toni SCHMADERUniversity of British Columbia
Eliot SHERMANLondon Business School
Kaisa SNELLMANINSEAD (Europe campus)
Isabelle SOLALINSEAD (Europe campus)
Chiara TROMBINIINSEAD (Asia campus)


2019 Programme -- "What Works to Develop Gender Balance"

INSEAD Asia Campus (Singapore)


Thursday, 28 February

18:30 - 20:30Casual Dinner Meet-and-Greet at The Insiders Den (INSEAD Residence Bar)

Friday, 1 March
**If you are coming from INSEAD Residence instead of breakfast in the LDC building, please assemble at the front desk of INSEAD Residence at 08:15 to be escorted to the conference room.

07:30 - 08:30Breakfast at In The Grove (LDC Building, Level 6)
**You can ask the front desk at INSEAD Residence for directions to the LDC building.**
08:30 - 09:00Registration + Welcome Coffee (LDC Building, Level 1, Amphi 1032)
09:00 - 09:15Opening Remarks (Ilian Mihov, Dean, INSEAD)
09:15 - 10:45

Session 1 - Reframing Identities
Discussant: Katherine Phillips, Columbia Business School

1.  Steve Stroessner, Barnard College, Columbia University
"Creating Spaces Where Women and Men Can (Sometimes) Have It All: The Role Prioritization Model"
2. Ashley Martin, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"The Divergent Effects of Diversity Ideologies for Race and Gender Equality"
3.  Modupe AkinolaColumbia Business School
"To Delegate or not to Delegate: Gender Differences in Affective Associations and Behavioral Responses to Delegation"
4.  Leena Kinger Hans, INSEAD
"How Do Resource Assessments Matter for Entrepreneurial Intentions? Field Experimental Evidence among Indian Women"

10:45 - 11:00Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:30

Session 2 - Resources
Discussant: Natalia Karelaia, INSEAD

5.  Jasjit Singh, INSEAD
"From Good Intentions to Real Impact: Lessons from Microfinance"
6.  Lizzie Baily Wolf, INSEAD
"Are Men More Motivated by Money than Women? Stereotypes, Predictions, Self-Reports, and Behavior"
7.  Raina Brands, London Business School
"Dropping Anchor: The Effect of Salary History Bans on Gender-Related Disparities in Hiring"
8.  Adina Sterling, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"Tryouts and Gender Inequality Among Early Career Professionals"

12:30 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 15:30

Session 3 - Visibility and Fit
Discussant: Sabine Sczesny, University of Bern

9. Kerri Johnson, University of California, Los Angeles
"Visual Representation Impacts Judgments of Fit within an Organization"
10. Christa Nater, University of Bern
"Do Affirmative Action Measures Help or Hinder the Development of Gender Balance in Leadership Positions in the Long Run?"
11. Linda Brimm, INSEAD
"Global Cosmopolitan Women: Stories from the Field"
12. Eliot Sherman, London Business School
"Discretionary Remote Working Helps Mothers Without Harming Non-Mothers: Evidence From a Field Experiment"

15:30 - 15:45Coffee Break
15:45 - 17:15

Session 4 - Creating Opportunities for Advancement
Discussant: Zoe Kinias, INSEAD

13. Michelle Ryan, University of Exeter
"The Glass Cliff 15 Years On: Understanding the Nuances of Women’s Precarious Leadership Positions"
14. Chiara Trombini, Harvard Kennedy School
"Can Values Affirmation Reduce Gender Bias? Decreasing Men’s Backlash Toward Women"
15. Clarissa Cortland, INSEAD
"Culture Transformation in Business Schools: Evidence from INSEAD’s iW50 Campaign"
16. Toni Schmader, University of British Columbia
"Project RISE: An Evidence Based Approach to Creating a Culture of Inclusion"

17:15 - 17:30Closing Remarks (Zoe Kinias, INSEAD)
17:30 - 18:30Social Hour at The Insiders Den (INSEAD Residence Bar)
18:30Assemble at INSEAD Main Reception
18:40Depart INSEAD for dinner
19:00Dinner at Tamarind Hill

List of Conference Participants

Arzi ADBIINSEAD (Asia campus)
Modupe AKINOLAColumbia Business School
Raina BRANDSLondon Business School
Linda BRIMMINSEAD (Europe campus)
Ziv CARMONINSEAD (Asia campus)
Clarissa CORTLANDINSEAD (Asia campus)
Camille JOHNSONSan Jose State University
Kerri JOHNSONUniversity of California, Los Angeles
Natalia KARELAIAINSEAD (Europe campus)
Leena KINGER HANSINSEAD (Asia campus)
Zoe KINIASINSEAD (Asia campus)
Matthew LEEINSEAD (Asia campus)
Dirk LUYTENLevante Capital Management
Ashley MARTINStanford University
Christa NATERUniversity of Bern
Katherine PHILLIPSColumbia Business School
Phanish PURANAMINSEAD (Asia campus)
Michelle RYANUniversity of Exeter
Katina SAWYERGeorge Washington University
Toni SCHMADERUniversity of British Columbia
Sabine SCZESNYUniversity of Bern
Eliot SHERMANLondon Business School
Jasjit SINGHINSEAD (Asia campus)
Adina STERLINGStanford University
Steve STROESSNERBarnard College
Chiara TROMBINIHarvard Kennedy School
Eric UHLMANNINSEAD (Asia campus)
Lizzie Baily WOLFINSEAD (Europe campus)


Practical information

Contact Person

Najat Ferchachi
Conference Coordinator

Clarissa Cortland
Postdoctoral Researcher
Conference Organizer


INSEAD Residence
1 Ayer Rajah Avenue
138676 Singapore

Special arrangements have been made at the Residence for the Conference group in Singapore. To make your reservation, kindly click here and enter the group code: WAW2802


General Information

INSEAD Asia Campus is situated at the corner of Ayer Rajah Avenue and North Buona Vista Road in the Knowledge Hub district of Singapore. The school’s convenient location is 15 minutes from the financial district and 30 minutes from Changi Airport.

Taxis are available at the taxi stands at the Arrival level of each Terminal. A ride to the city takes about 30 minutes and costs between $20 and $40 (Singapore dollars). Fares are metered and there is an additional airport surcharge for all trips originating from the Airport:

$5 Airport surcharge: 5.00pm - midnight (Fri - Sun)
$3 Airport surcharge: All other times
Midnight surcharge of 50% of final metered fare: midnight - 6.00am
Peak hours surcharge of 25% of final metered fare: 6.00am - 9.30am (Mon - Fri) and 6.00pm - midnight (Mon - Sun)

Getting to Changi
Hail a taxi on the street or make a booking through the Residences’ Front Desk or you can contact one of the following taxi operators:

Comfort or Citycab Tel: +65 6552 1111
Premier Taxi Tel: +65 6363 6888
Prime Taxi Tel: +65 6778 0808
SMRT Taxi Tel: +65 6555 8888
Transcab Tel: +65 6555 3333

INSEAD is on the MRT network and with the station exit within metres of our entrance, it could not be more convenient.
INSEAD is located at the "One North" MRT station on Circle line 8.
From Changi Airport, take the East-West line and transit to the Circle line at 'Buona Vista' station. The trip takes a little over an hour.

Click here for a network map.

INSEAD Asia Campus’ facilities include 19,000m2 of amphitheaters, working spaces, library, offices, restaurant, bar and residential space. You can connect to INSEAD's wireless internet (Wifi) network for free from anywhere on campus.

You will need to wear a badge while on campus. You will be provided with a name badge at registration. Please do not leave any valuables lying around in the amphitheatres, meeting rooms or elsewhere on the campus.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please indicate these to the Conference Coordinator as soon as possible so that we have time to cater adequately to your needs thoughout the event.

Dress code
The dress code for the Women at Work Conference is business/business casual. Please note that Singapore weather is very tropical, but there will be A/C everywhere indoors. Please prepare accordingly with light/airy clothing for outdoors and jackets/sweaters/etc. for air conditioned rooms indoors.

Photography and filming
INSEAD often brings professional photographers on campus to take photos for major events. During your stay, you might be taken in one or several photos that could be used in promotional material. We hope that you will agree to this usage. If not, please let us know.

There will be a roving videographer on-site during the conference, shooting a piece for INSEAD's knowledge platform ( We invite conference speakers to be featured in the video, if they wish. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Ben Kessler, editor for INSEAD Knowledge, at

Electrical equipment
Should you bring any electrical equipment (hairdryer, shaver etc.), please bring an adaptor designed for Singapore with you (Type G three-pin plug, 230 volts).

The Tanoto Library, located on the ground floor, is open 24/7. You will find books, international newspapers, reference books, INSEAD cases & working papers, e-journals and databases. The library will be open as well on Saturday for your convenience.

There are many ATMs in Singapore. The nearest ATM is situated at the MRT station beside campus. If you need to change money, this can be done at hotel, money changers or banks. Please note that most banking hours are usually from Mondays to Fridays, 9.30am – 3pm and Saturdays, 9:30am - 11am/1pm. It is best to check with individual banks on their actual operating hours.

2018 Programme -- Inaugural Meeting

INSEAD Europe Campus (Fontainebleau)


Friday, 16 February

19:00 - 21:00Casual Dinner Meet-and-Greet at Le Carrousel (Mercure Hotel restaurant)

Saturday, 17 February
**Please assemble at the front desk of Mercure Hotel at 08:15 where you will be escorted to the conference room.

07:00 - 08:15Breakfast at Le Carrousel (Mercure Hotel restaurant)
08:15 - 08:30Please assemble at the front desk of Mercure Hotel at 08:15 where you will be escorted to the conference room.
08:30 - 09:00Registration + Welcome Coffee
09:00 - 09:15Welcome Address (Laurence Capron, Dean of Faculty, INSEAD)
09:15 - 09:30Opening Remarks (Mikki Hebl, Rice University)
09:30 - 11:05

Session 1 - The "What": Appraisals of Women and Representation
Discussant: Steve Stroessner, Barnard College
1.  Kerri Johnson, University of California - Los Angeles
"The Pervasive Impact of Gendered Appearance for Working Women"
2. Ned SmithKellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
"Better in the Shadows? Public Attention, Media Coverage, and Market Reactions to Female CEO Announcements"
3.  Kaisa SnellmanINSEAD
"The Risks of Representation: Spillovers from Scandalized Clients"
4.  Ithai Stern, INSEAD
"Gender's Impact on Directors' Career Trajectories"
5.  Camille Johnson, San Jose State University
"Women's Underrepresentation on the Academic Stage"

11:05 - 11:25Coffee Break
11:25 - 13:00Session 2 - The "Why": Stereotype (Mis)Fit and Consequences for Women
Discussant: Alice Eagly, Northwestern University
6.  Hannah Riley BowlesHarvard Kennedy School
"Reconceptualizing Gender in Career Negotiations: Asking, Bending, and Shaping"
7.  Sarah Thébaud, University of California - Santa Barbara
"When do Work-Family Policies Work for Men and Women?"
8.  Peter Younkin, McGill University
"Don't Do It: The Employment Prospects of Entrepreneurs"
9.  Andrei Cimpian, New York University
"The Link Between Beliefs about Brilliance and Diversity in Science and Beyond"
10.  Raina Brands, London Business School
"The Effect of Social Network Structure on Stereotype Threat and Women's Entrepreneurial Success"
13:00 - 14:30Lunch
14:30 - 15:50

Session 3 - The "How": Person-Level Solutions for Women
Discussant: Eden King, Rice University
11. Valerie Purdie-GreenawayColumbia University
"Do the Ties that Bind Us Hurt or Help Us? Gender, Social Networks, and Negotiation Performance"
12. Aneeta Rattan, London Business School
"What Happens After Prejudice is Confronted in the Workplace? How Mindsets Affect Minorities' and Women's Outlook on Future Social Relations"
13. Sameer Srivastava, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
"The Limits of Brief Social Psychological Interventions: Evidence from a Field Experiment in a Global Technology Firm"
14. Zoe Kinias, INSEAD
"Facilitating Women’s Success in Business in Two Stages:  An Affirmation Intervention and Knowledge Sharing to Motivate Gender Balance"

15:50 - 16:10Coffee Break
16:10 - 17:30Session 4 - The "How": Contextual-Level Solutions
Discussant: Herminia Ibarra, London Business School
15. Clarissa Cortland, INSEAD
"Predicting Gender Balance Motivations and Actions among Global Leaders: The Role of Perceived Bias"
16. Toni Schmader, University of British Columbia
"Engendering Success in Engineering: The Social Dynamics of Social Identity Threat"
17. Sabine Sczesny, University of Bern, Switzerland
"Women's Careers: What's Language Got to Do With It?"
18. Robin Ely, Harvard Business School
"Advancing Structural Equality in Organizations through Leadership Development"
17:30 - 17:40Reflection and Closing Remarks (Wendy Wood, University of Southern California)
17:40 - 17:45Closing Thanks (Zoe Kinias, INSEAD)



1 Ayer Rajah Avenue
138676 Singapore



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