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Driving thought leadership and research, the Centre for Economic Growth (CEG) is the first of its kind in the Middle East – a collaboration between the region’s private sector and INSEAD to provide original research and projects concerning the key economic topics impacting the region including sustainable growth, job creation, education and skills with an emphasis on timely and independent data, the CEG is a unique platform for private sector engagement on economic priority issues.



In partnership with leading global academic, corporate and policy institutions, the CEG’s objective is to drive regional and global thought leadership and action on the region’s most pressing issues:

  • Youth Unemployment

Over 10 million will enter the MENA labour force in next decade – this is both a challenge and opportunity and new thinking must inform policy decisions.

  • Employable Skills and Education

Providing benchmarks and analysis to encourage regional employment through understanding labour market demands and the skills required in 21st century.

  • Driving Sustainable Economic Growth

Providing analysis and policy recommendations that seek to transform regional economies and encourage good governance, transparency and competitiveness that drives both inclusive and sustainable growth.

In the Spotlight


Research & Publications



  • MENA Talent Competitiveness Index 2017: Technology and the Future of Work

INSEAD, Google and the CEG have released this edition of the Middle East and North Africa Talent Competitiveness Index (MTCI), a study ranking countries in the region based on their ability to attract, grow and retain talent.
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  • ILO and INSEAD Evidence Symposium: Promoting Entrepreneurship for Inclusive Growth and Decent Jobs

The goal of the academic research workshop was to promote top-tier academic research   about entrepreneurship development using Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) in field settings. Six senior scholars, from different institutions and countries, presented results of their field experiments to an audience of 30 scholars researching entrepreneurship promotion.
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  • Re-dynamizing the Job Machine: Technology-driven transformation of labour markets in MENA

The CEG has partnered with SAP to create a report focused on the use of the ICT innovation engines (e.g. mobility, big data, analytics and social media) and how they will help youth connect with opportunities, access the pertinent training, empower both entrepreneurs and employers, and allow decision makers to have access to actionable data.
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  • Middle East & North Africa Talent Competitiveness Index 2015 

The MENA Talent Competitiveness Index is based on the INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), an annual benchmarking study measuring the ability of countries to compete for talent. Designed as a practical tool for governments, businesses and non-profit organisations, the GTCI ranks over 100 economies according to their ability to develop, attract and retain talent while the MENA Index ranked 10 countries regionally. The 2015 Report was a collaboration between INSEAD, CEG, PwC and was supported by the Human Resources Development Fund in Saudi Arabia.
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Become a Member


The Centre for Economic Growth is a non-profit organisation that thrives on the support of its members. CEG members fall under two classifications, Founding and Corporate, each with a separate funding structure. 

Founding members

Founding members of the CEG will play a critical role in the governance and leadership of CEG and its programmes through an annual gift of $50,000. Members will:

  • Play an active part in the governance of the CEG and will be invited to become a member of the CEG Executive Board. Through their engagement on the Board, the Founding members will steer the Centre’s activities to areas that are most relevant to their businesses and economies
  • Have up to five invitations to the CEG’s Annual Forum, workshops and events and privileged access to CEG’s research output and ability to develop research and reports with INSEAD faculty where relevant
  • Have high visibility as Founding members on the CEG website, in publications and communications to the wider public
  • Have recognition on a plaque on the INSEAD Middle East campus and added recognition on the INSEAD institutional website and relevant communications to the alumni network in 170 countries
  • Have high priority for speaking spots and have recognition at conferences and workshops.


Corporate Members

Corporate member companies will support the ongoing development of the CEG and its programmes through an annual gift of $20,000. Corporate members will:

  • Support the development of critical research and projects that support youth employment and economic growth in the Middle East region
  • Have up to three invitations to CEG’s Annual Forum, workshops and events
  • Have privileged access to CEG’s research output and play a key role in shaping the research agenda
  • Be named on CEG’s website, publications and communications to the wider public, providing visibility in the region and beyond
  • Be visible to INSEAD’s global alumni network.



Partnering with INSEAD

A partnership with INSEAD brings benefits at the local and global levels.

  • A global leader in the academic world. Representing over 35 countries across the globe and based in 3 campuses, INSEAD’s faculty and research staff have worked to create an environment of diversity, cultural agility and open collaboration.
  • Close to business: INSEAD, a pioneer in executive education since the 1970s, has relevant knowledge for business leaders and has received over 36 endowed faculty chairs from leading companies including Shell, Eli Lilly, Mubadala.
  • Deep belief in business as a force for good in the world: Today, the Middle East is a key priority for INSEAD as we believe that business has a key role to play in the creation of stability and cohesion in the region.
  • A MENA anchor with a global reach: Our Abu Dhabi campus provides extensive exposure to business and economic dynamics of the MENA region.

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Miguel Sousa Lobo 

Academic Director


Patricia J. McCall 

Executive Director 





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