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We are committed to providing a safe environment for our community by adhering to and often going above and beyond local government regulations. We also have the flexibility to close our campuses and move activities online should the crisis escalate again.

We have reduced the number of entry points to one on our Asia Campus and San Francisco Hub and one per building on our Europe Campus. The building where our Middle East Campus is located has reduced the number of entrances to one at ground-floor level.  

Our Asia Campus is equipped with a SafeEntry kiosk to register visitors and measure temperatures.  

Temperature screenings are also in place at the entrance to our Middle East Campus building and on a voluntary basis at our San Francisco Hub.   

Masks are mandatory to enter any of our campuses or locations and must be worn at all times – whether indoors or outdoors.

The only exception is when sitting at the restaurant, or when in your private office. Meetings cannot take place in such offices on the Europe Campus. On the Asia Campus, if an individual is alone in their own office with the door closed, and no other person enters the room, the individual may remove their mask in the room. However, if the room door is open or if there is any contact with people, a mask must be worn. 

We will provide all employees and Degree Programme students with a health kit on  return to campus, which will contain four reusable masks.

Social distancing is in place on all campuses/locations and is clearly marked throughout.  We ask and expect our community (including visitors) to take responsibility to strictly adhere to social distancing directions and guidelines we provide.  

One-way systems are in place for safe circulation.  

The capacity of the Prayer Room on our Middle East Campus has been reduced to 30%. Users must bring their own prayer mat. The ablution area and prayer room will be sterilised after use.

Hand sanitiser and disinfectant is available throughout our campuses/locations to ensure everyone plays their part in maintaining a clean and hygienic learning and working environment. This ranges from hand sanitiser dispensers to disinfectant wipes in meeting rooms and amphitheatres.   

The frequency of cleaning has been increased.

Indoor air quality has been enhanced with regular disinfection as well as regular cleaning and replacement of filters. Adjustments have also been made to increase the amount of fresh air in-take.  

Individuals will be expected and required to take responsibility to adhere to social distancing directions and guidelines in dining and coffee break areas. We urge people to avoid peak times.

On the Europe and Asia Campuses, takeaway is available and the restaurant has reduced capacity and food options.   

There are no coffee break deliveries in meeting rooms and offices.   Coffee break items will be individually wrapped and served. 

Food will be served at our Executive Dining Rooms on the Europe Campus and will be either individual portions or served by the catering staff; pre-packed options are also available. 

On the Asia Campus, three course set lunches are served by staff for our Executive Education and Executive Degree participants. Pre-packed lunches are available on request during coaching sessions or as per requirements. 

Students/participants and employees are encouraged to use their own cups and water bottles. This also supports our #SDGsmart commitment. 

The Fitness Centres on our Europe and Asia Campuses are open with restrictions in place. There will be a booking system in place on both campuses with designated timeslots to maintain strict adherence to population limits. The Europe Campus gym will accommodate 20 people at a time and the Asia Campus gym 8 people at a time.   

Group classes are suspended until further notice on the Europe Campus but will take place on the Asia Campus. The changing areas and showers are closed on the Europe Campus. Forest runners and users of the municipal football and rugby pitches should make alternative arrangements to dress and shower.  

Increased cleaning is in place in the Fitness Centres on both campuses. On the Europe Campus, the gym will be closed for 15 minutes every hour for cleaning after 45 minute workout sessions. The Asia Campus gym will be closed for 30 minutes after 90 minutes of use. 

Individuals will be expected and required to take personal responsibility to adhere to social distancing directions and guidelines we put in place. 

INSEAD Hotels on our Europe Campus and INSEAD Residences on our Asia Campus cannot accept guests at this time. Our booking agents can support our community with alternative options. 

If you are taking a taxi to our Europe Campus please take note of the following, as per local government guidelines: 

  • There may be a maximum two passengers per car, excluding the driver, with no front passenger. 
  • Masks are obligatory for the passengers and the driver. 
  • If the car is fitted with a partition wall, the driver is exempt from wearing a mask. 
  • Hand sanitiser is available in cars. 
  • The car will be ventilated and disinfected after each customer. 

Employees handling deliveries will wear PPE to receive parcels, mail, and other deliveries on our Europe, Asia and Middle East campuses. Pacakges arriving on our Europe and Asia campuses will be quarantined for 24 hours and then released, with no need for use of PPE thereafter.  

Personal packages should not be delivered to campus.   

Food deliveries are not accepted. 

Our campus shops, Footnote on the Europe Campus and InStore on the Asia Campus, will be open but with restricted opening times. Limited items will be available and trying on items of clothing will not be permitted. 

Teleworking is to remain the norm for the majority of staff until at least end of October in line with government regulations/advice and to ensure low campus density. Only those who need to be on site to carry out their work should go to campus. We will continue to keep our faculty and staff informed as the situation develops.   



For specific questions on the campus operations aspects of COVID-19 preparedness such as social distancing, cleaning and managing contagion, please contact us.

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