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What is water?

By Kayvan Kian MBA'10J

In What is Water?, Kayvan Kian shifts the focus away from this overwhelm and toward ways of thinking that will help you grow stronger through it all. Drawing on everything from ancient Stoic philosophy to contemporary examples, Kayvan delivers an approach for dealing with our VUCA world that is simple, pragmatic, and easily transferable to teams, families, and communities.

About the Author

An entrepreneur, teacher, and management consultant, Kayvan has given guest lectures at HBS, HEC, Sciences Po, and other schools. Founder of the Young Leaders Forum, he's always been interested in understanding how some people can thrive through challenging times in life and has made it his goal to bring one another's experiences to find solutions for the greater good.

Fluid Organisation

By Arne de Vet MBA'99J

About the Author

Arne de Vet MBA'99J has served many companies around the world as a consultant for McKinsey & Company and is now an independent consultant in strategy and organisation. In his new book, Fluid Organisation, he offers a practical guide mixing self-management and moderated hierarchy for companies to face the evolution of technology, markets and regulations that impacts our business models.

Clearing the digital blur

By Rajiv Jayaraman MBA’08J

What do Google, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba have in common? Collectively referred to as “GAFA”, these companies represent a new breed of competitors disrupting one industry after another and succeeding where most companies have failed. In this book, you will see how these digital giants look at the world around them and get insights on how to thrive in the digital age.

The Second Republic of Israel

By Jacques Cory MBA'68

About the Author

Dr. Jacques Cory is an international businessman specialising in M&A in Europe, US, and Israel. Elected best lecturer at the University of Haifa, he is also a pioneering author in business ethics .His latest book, The Second Republic of Israel, maintains that Israel needs new foundations based on social, economic and governmental justice.

A guide to financial regulation

By Stefan Loesch MBA'00D

About the Author

Stefan Loesch is an expert in regulations, strategy and tech. After INSEAD he was working with McKinsey's Corporate Finance Practice and then with J.P. Morgan in the bank advisory and securitisation departments in London. He is now a serial tech entrepreneur, and an advisor to a number of Fintech projects, including those in the crypto-currency and blockchain space.  

Fun, Fearless and Female

By  Frances Pordes MBA'91J

About the Author

At thirteen, Frances Pordes had a dream: travel the world as soon as she graduated from high school. More than a dozen years and four university degrees later, Frances’s dream was still…a dream. As she joined thousands of other commuters riding the subway to and from an uninspiring job each day, she wondered, “Is this really it?”

China takes over

By Edouard Prisse MBA'68

When in 1990 the two Germany’s united, this author predicted massive bankruptcies in the ex-DDR and explained why. These bankruptcies then horribly happened. No other such predictions were found.
In this little book, he does it again and predicts Chinese hegemony over the West unless an end is called to Beijing’s huge enrichment.

About the Author

Edouard Prisse studied maths, is LLM, and a convinced Keynesian. He had his own company for 27 years, now writes on political and macro-economic subjects.

Creating passion

By Daniel Bloch MBA'96J

About the Author

Which factors are crucial for a businesses success? This question is traced in entrepreneur Daniel Bloch’s first work. Often, it is not the application of management dogmas. Daniel Bloch rather locates the difference in building a sense from creativity and passion, giving small businesses above all the strength to keep up with the frontrunners of the market. In a casual style, he narrates anecdotes from his company that lead to a great future project. By means of this approach and the look beyond pure economics, he establishes a new concept for human-orientated and successful entrepreneurship.


By Olivier Castaignede MBA'05J 

About the Author

Olivier Castaignède has lived and worked in Southeast Asia since 2000. In 2015, he decided to leave his position of sales manager in a multinational based in Singapore to devote himself to writing and travel.
In his first novel, Radikal, the French writer explores sensitive subjects such as religion and radicalisation through the character of Hendro, a young Indonesian, techno DJ and drug addict in Jakarta.

Your guide to succeed in university

By Aly Madhavji MBA'16D

The goal of this guide - Your Guide to Succeed in University - is to help students in university and college to become confident, well-rounded and successful in their overall education experience. This guide aims to equip you - the students - with the necessary tools for success in university and college.

About the Author

Aly is an Award-Winner of the International Book Awards and his book is ranked as the #1 College book on Amazon.

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