It is my pleasure to present Alumni Perspectives, a publication that spotlights, by country, INSEAD's trailblazing alumni and pays tribute to the accomplishments of our exceptional National Alumni Associations (NAAs). 
Within this series, you will hear from inspiring alumni whose journeys weave the very fabric of INSEAD’s identity. Industry leaders, entrepreneurs and contributors to their communities, they have found exemplary ways to harness ‘business as a force for good’ at both a global and local level.

These featured alumni speak of a transformative experience at INSEAD. They also describe an enduring set of values that has guided them throughout their careers. They embrace diversity and embody a truly global mindset, born of intense multicultural immersion. Throughout the interviews, they express gratitude for the extensive support of their professors and INSEAD peers around the world, and encourage engagement in the vibrant Alumni Associations.

As Dean, I am fortunate to have heard many of these compelling stories first-hand. I believe they are worth sharing. Now, I invite you to discover them, and to learn more about INSEAD’s living worldwide legacy.

Ilian Mihov
Dean of INSEAD

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