Global Entrepreneurship Club (GEC)




Our context :

  • Entrepreneurship is a major part of the school's teaching. Almost all alumni have had or will have an entrepreneurial experience during their career.
  • NAAs organize hundreds of events per year at a local level, with entrepreneurship events high on the agenda.


Our mission

The Global Entrepreneurship Club (GEC) wants to inspire, grow and connect initiatives between National Alumni Associations (NAAs), students and the school (faculty and ICE) on Entrepreneurship.

Helping NAAs to integrating Entrepreneurship matters
To help NAAs organize more Entrepreneurship events locally, the GEC published a document that listed 11 examples of Entrepreneurship events that have been organized somewhere in the world that could be duplicated locally or inspire new concepts (See the link)

The GEC also established and maintains a list of volunteers involved in Entrepreneurship in all NAAs and at a global level.

Our roadmap :

  • To promote and increase local activities relating to Entrepreneurship
  • To create a Volunteer Alumni Network involved in Entrepreneurship
  • To be a connecting hub between Alumni, students, faculty and ICE on Entrepreneurship matters
  • To select a theme per year with entrepreneurship faculty and volunteers and to promote the organization of conferences on this theme in several countries.


Local country activities and how you can help

Our top priority is helping NAAs to create / strengthen the local Entrepreneurship network and getting engagement with the local INSEAD Entrepreneurs communities and like-minded people through quality events, collaborative communication and professional networking.Please let us know if you want to contribute as part of the global core team or participate in the local country Entrepreneurship Network.

Some of the ways you could help us locally in the countries are the following:

  • Help setting up the local network by supporting the organization of events, leveraging your network for locations, speakers, etc.
  • Share and promote interesting articles, key events, job postings within the volunteers network and beyond.



Please feel free to contact us :

  • if you are an Alumna/us and/or a student who want to be connected to an Entrepreneurship volunteer in a given country
  • if you are a volunteer involved locally and you wish to be connected with other volunteers
  • if you wish to participate to the GEC or give us some ideas.


Let’s contribute to INSEAD Entrepreneurship community and have fun!

Jean-Philippe Grosmaitre (MBA 99J), Guillaume Loth Demay (YMP 05)


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