Moqi Xu (Germany)

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Finance London School of Economics, UK

Diploma in Finance, Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany; MBA in Finance, Tulane University, USA; Two years in Strategy Consulting; PhD in Finance, INSEAD (2011)



Our research should result in a better understanding of how to do business.


Academia versus “the real world”? There is no “versus”. Our research should result in a better understanding of how to do business. I am looking forward to achieving this through teaching and research. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing students successfully apply the ideas that you taught them, though I am also hoping that my research on investment behaviour in CEO election cycles will result in better governance. In this way, my current work is not much different from my previous job as a strategy consultant – only that my results apply in general rather than to the particular firm that hired me.

Of course, my methods of working changed along with my career. My research projects are much more detailed and take years rather than weeks. My advisor, Theo Vermaelen, invested

an enormous amount of time and effort in my academic development, much more than my previous mentors could afford. Nevertheless, I was the one responsible for my progress – there is no direct, day-to-day supervisor, as you would find in a more conventional business career.

At INSEAD, we are well connected to the finance community. Paris, Singapore, London, Frankfurt and Zurich host a vast pool of financial professionals to discuss ideas and recent deals. The INSEAD PhD in Management provides financial support for conferences and other educational pursuits. Many of us visit other universities – I spent a summer at the University of Chicago with some challenges to my own view of market efficiency.