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Yes, because INSEAD is truly one school with two campuses, you may pursue your PhD in both France and Singapore during your studies.  However, there should be a clear rationale for the desired exchange should you wish to move.  Moreover, any exchange is subject to the approval of the PhD Committee and the PhD Academic Director.

No, there is no difference in the quality of education between the two campuses - Asia and Europe Campuses.  The curriculum, faculty and courses are the same in France and Singapore.  Moreover, during your first two years, many of your classes will take place together across the two campuses via video-conference.  Thus, no matter where you study, you will have access to the same high quality education because the teaching, research and the prestige of the degree is the same no matter which campus you choose. This is also extended to the academic placements opportunities, admissions and financing, which is the same across the two campuses. 

Yes, INSEAD and The Wharton School have formed an alliance, which includes Faculty and student exchanges of their respective PhD programmes for the purpose of furthering and collaborating on research. Students registered in one of the two institutions can register and gain credit for courses taken at the other institution after they have completed their first year of studies. Some financial aid may be available. Applications should be submitted to the INSEAD-Wharton Alliance Research Director. For more details, click here to learn about this unique Alliance Exchange programme.

Yes. The Alliance Centre for Global Research and Education has extended its reach to INSEAD and Wharton PhD's by making them eligible to join a faculty member from the partner school in order to constitute an Alliance Centre research project. For further details, visit Alliance Teaching Innovations

Once you gain admission to the INSEAD PhD Programme, you will be eligible to apply for an INSEAD-Wharton Alliance Doctoral Exchange Programme. The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance allows the possibility for a PhD Candidate to visit Wharton for up to 4 weeks period to explore the possibility of engaging in a research project with a Wharton faculty member. 

If you are able to collaborate on a project with a Wharton faculty member, it is not amongst the criteria that the Wharton faculty member share the same discipline as you. 


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