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The INSEAD PhD in Management is a 5-year full-time degree.  The first two years of the programme are dedicated exclusively to courses (core and advanced), and the last 3 years are devoted exclusively to research and the completion of the doctoral dissertation. Please note that our PhD Programme is not available in a part-time or distance learning format.

We do not grant any exemptions prior to admittance or during the applications and admissions process. In some instances, however, candidates may be exempted from a certain required course in which they demonstrate advanced knowledge. These exemption requests have to be submitted to the course instructor and be approved by the PhD Programme's Academic Director. If approved, alternative work is proposed.

Absolutely.  The PhD Programme is taught exclusively in English. As English is the only official communication language at INSEAD, French is not required to study the PhD from our Fontainebleau campus (or the Singapore campus).

At this time, no, we do not offer the PhD Programme in Abu Dhabi.  If you are interested in pursuing the PhD Programme, you must relocate to either the Singapore or Fontainebleau campuses for a full 5 years of study.  Part-time or distance learning is not possible either.

No, the programme is not offered on a part-time or distance learning format. INSEAD's PhD in Management is an extremely intensive and rigorous 5 years full-time doctoral degree in business. All courses are compulsory and take place on either our Fontainebleau or Singapore campuses. It is neither possible to combine a PhD with your work nor do we offer the courses via distance learning.  Note that we offer a full tuition scholarship plus a generous stipend to cover living expenses during the 5 years of study; thus, working while studying is not necessary.

No, INSEAD's PhD courses are not available on-line.

The Admissions Committee will review the files as of January. As soon as a decision has been made, the PhD Office will notify you.  Typically, the process takes approximately 3 months from the deadline for decisions to be communicated.  If you have not heard from us regarding the status of your application, it is because a final decision has not been reached.  We always communicate the final status to all applicants once the admissions committee has finalized their decision.

Yes, you may re-apply one more time. In such a case, you will have to reapply online, update your CV and send a new version of your Statement of Purpose as well as new upload of transcripts and diplomas. More recent letters of recommendation can be submitted through our online application platform.  If you prefer to use the same letters of recommendation from the previous attempt, please contact the PhD office to include them in your new application. 

Yes, because INSEAD is truly one school with two campuses, you may pursue your PhD in both France and Singapore during your studies.  However, there should be a clear rationale for the desired exchange should you wish to move.  Moreover, any exchange is subject to the approval of the PhD Committee and the PhD Academic Director.

No, there is no difference in the quality of education between the two campuses - Asia and Europe Campuses.  The curriculum, faculty and courses are the same in France and Singapore.  Moreover, during your first two years, many of your classes will take place together across the two campuses via video-conference.  Thus, no matter where you study, you will have access to the same high quality education because the teaching, research and the prestige of the degree is the same no matter which campus you choose. This is also extended to the academic placements opportunities, admissions and financing, which is the same across the two campuses. 

Yes. The Alliance Centre for Global Research and Education has extended its reach to INSEAD and Wharton PhD's by making them eligible to join a faculty member from the partner school in order to constitute an Alliance Centre research project. For further details, visit Alliance Teaching Innovations

Yes, there is a 50 Euros application fee per application, which is payable online with major credit cards only. Bank transfer is not accepted. 

A full INSEAD scholarship provides for a tuition fee waiver plus a living allowance, based on local cost, research budget support and comprehensive health insurance coverage.  

INSEAD scholarships are available for the first five years of PhD study, and renewed annually contingent upon satisfactory progress in the programme.

All admitted candidates will automatically receive INSEAD Fellowship. However, we also encourage students to seek external financial support where available so as to increase the overall award. Students who have obtained partial outside financing are eligible for additional supplementary INSEAD scholarship funding. However, having an external funding does not increase one's chances of getting admitted to the programme. As an applicant with external financial support, he or she will still have to go trhough the normal process of admissions. 
Visiting students, however, are not eligible for our scholarship and stipend, and will be required to pay the appropriate course fees.

The PhD Office still requires you to submit your original scores, which are transmitted electronically by ETS (for the GRE) or GMAC (for the GMAT). You can do this by indicating the institution codes for the INSEAD PhD. 

However, while we wait for the original transmission, upload a PDF copy of your test taker score report to your application form. This will also help us download the correct score given the unique identification details on your test taker score reports. 

For the insitution codes: 3244 (GRE/INSEAD's PhD in France), 7324 (GRE/INSEAD's PhD in Singapore) and DL3-S8-08 (GMAT).  TOEFL code is 3244.

Once you gain admission to the INSEAD PhD Programme, you will be eligible to apply for an INSEAD-Wharton Alliance Doctoral Exchange Programme. The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance allows the possibility for a PhD Candidate to visit Wharton for up to 4 weeks period to explore the possibility of engaging in a research project with a Wharton faculty member. 

If you are able to collaborate on a project with a Wharton faculty member, it is not amongst the criteria that the Wharton faculty member share the same discipline as you. 

No, you do not need to submit your GRE scores to both institution codes for GRE. You can send to only one, regardless of your campus choice. We have access to both codes. 


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