Frequently Asked Questions

No, the programme was designed when coaching was an orientation rather than an industry. As such there is no coaching qualification offered following this programme. But it equips coaches with valuable skills to use with individuals in organisations.

The EMCCC class usually consists of 36 participants of more than 15 nationalities. Roughly a third are already consultants and coaches, a third are HR or L&D professionals and the final third are from the heart of the business.

In this programme, business and psychological aspects of change are fully intertwined. Other programmes often focus either more on the business or psychological perspective.

No, it is a modular programme delivered in eight modules spread over 18 months.

No, you can attend the programme either fully on the Europe or on the Asia campus.

If you already know you are going to miss a module, please consider a future iteration of the programme. It is compulsory to attend all modules without exception.

The same programme is offered on both campuses. Regardless of campus, each cohort is highly diverse, providing a unique perspective and group dynamic.

You will need to be prepared to complete approximately 10 hours of homework per week. More homework will be required during the practicum and Master's thesis stage.

The maximum length of the thesis is 50 pages of double-spaced text. The deadline is 4 months after the end of the final module. We will support you with workshops on research and writing methodologies and one-to-one sessions with an expert thesis tutor.


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