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Business Implications of Multimedia: The Case of Spain
Albert A. Angehrn and Alejandro Lozano
1996/10/CALT 2

 Business Implications of Multimedia: The Case of Spain  

The aim of this study is to analyse the “Multimedia phenomenon” in order to provide up-to-date information and insights on its current impact on companies and on the development of European industry in general. This report focuses particularly on Spain, contributing to a better understanding of: i) the current state and the development of the multimedia industry in Spain; ii) the key factors affecting this development; iii) the dynamics of market acceptance of current and future Multimedia products and services generated by this development; iv) the major transformation affecting industry in general derived from the spread of such products. The report provides recent data on key players, regulations, strategies of telecommunication companies, experiences with market reaction to multimedia products and services, and multimedia-enabled transformations that are underway in Spain. Comparisons with other European countries and the US are provided, allowing a better understanding of the situation in Spain. The special characteristics of the Spanish market in terms of regulation, infrastructure, management style, consumers, and their specific attitude towards the adoption of new technologies are also examined. Future developments and key success factors in the new environment are analysed, as well as the remaining obstacles for the development of Multimedia in Spain.

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