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Quy Huy

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Executive Education Programme Director, Strategy Execution Programme

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Dr. Quy N. Huy, CFA, P. Eng., is a strategy professor at INSEAD. Dr. Huy’s
research on strategic change won several international awards and was
published in prestigious management journals such as Administrative
Science Quarterly, Harvard Business Review, the Academy of Management
Review, Organization Science, and MIT Sloan Management Review. As an
academic, Huy is known for his pioneering research work linking ‘soft’
micro human behaviour such as emotion, symbols, and time to macro
strategic processes.

Dr. Huy has worked as a consultant and educator for numerous
multinational organizations that operate in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and
Europe. He worked in the industry for 16 years before becoming an
academic. Dr. Huy’s ideas and research have been widely reported in the
world wide business press, such as The Wall Street Journal/MIT Sloan
Management Review
(USA & Europe), The Chicago Tribune (USA),
Harvard Business Review (USA and first China edition), the Financial
, (UK), the Sunday Telegraphr (UK), Financial News (UK),
Le Figaro (France), La Tribune (France), Business Digest
(France), Les Échos (France), Semarino Economico Management
(Portugal), Observer (Denmark), Borsen (Denmark), The Globe and Mail (Canada).

Harvard Business Review chose Huy’s “In Praise of Middle Managers” as
lead article in its September 2001 issue and featured it in the journal’s
annual "List of Breakthrough Ideas for Today's Business Agenda." Huy is
currently working on a book linking emotion to strategy to be published
by Harvard Business School Press next year.

Dr Huy was educated in Vietnam, France, and Canada. Huy is also a
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Professional Electrical Engineer.
His 16-year managerial career covered three main areas: Systems and
software engineering; management of sales and marketing; corporate
finance, where he worked on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and
turnarounds of firms with turnover up to 10 billion dollars.

Research Areas

Strategy Execution; Emotion and Strategy; Corporate Renewal; Building of New Organisations; Middle Managers and Strategy; Entrepreneurial Strategies; Time Dimensions of Organisational Change.


Strategy Execution Stress Tests; Managing Strategic Change and Innovation.

Related Executive Education programme

Professor Quy Huy is directing the following programme: Strategy Execution Programme

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