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Massimo Massa

Professor of Finance

The Rothschild Chaired Professor of Banking

Co-Director of the Hoffmann Research Fund

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Massimo Massa is the Rothschild Chaired Professor of Banking, Professor of Finance at INSEAD, where he teaches international finance, corporate finance, information financial economics and behavioral finance in M.B.A., Ph.D. and Executive programs. He graduated summa cum laude from the Department of Economics at the LUISS University of Rome, Italy. He has obtained an M.B.A. from the Yale School of Management and a Ph.D. in Financial Economics from Yale University.

His research interests include theory of information in financial markets, corporate finance, behavioral finance, and mutual funds. His articles have been published in academic journals such as Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Business, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Financial Markets. His research has been quoted and discussed in major magazines and newspapers (The Economist, Business Week, The New York Times).

He has previously worked in the Bank of Italy in the Banking Division (1989-1992) and in the Research Department (Monetary and Financial Markets Division) (1993-1997).

Massimo’s specialty is the intersection between Finance, Strategy and Organizational Behavior.

Massimo created and runs the Advanced Asset Management Programs (AAM), created and runs with Ludo Van der Heyden Value Creation for Owners and Directors (VCOD).

Massimo created and is now Academic Advisor of the Master in Finance (MFIN).

Research Areas

Information in Financial Markets; Mutual Funds; Corporate Finance; Behavioural Finance.


Corporate Finance: International Finance (MBA, EMBA, Executives: AICF, AMP, GMP, CSPs); Applied Corporate Finance (MBA, EMBA, MFIN, Executives: AICF, AMP, GMP, CSPs, MFIN); Mergers and Acquisitions (MBA, MFIN, Executives: AICF, AMP, GMP, CSPs); 2) Governance: Value Creation and Governance (Executives: AMP, IDP, VCOD, CSPs); 3) Behavioral Finance: Behavioral Strategies for Asset Managers and Managers (CSPs, MFIN); 4) Asset Management: Investment Strategies (Executives: AAM, CSPs), Strategic Insutrial Positioning (Executives: Interalpha, SMB, CSPs); 5) PhDs: Information Economics, Behavioral Finance, Applied Corporate Finance.


Banking and Insurance

Related Executive Education programmes

Professor Massimo Massa is directing the following programmes: Advanced Asset Management  and Value Creation for Owners and Directors.

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