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Jarrett Spiro

Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour

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Jarrett Spiro is Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. He received his PhD from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. He also holds a master's degree in Sociology from Stanford University. His teaching focuses on organization management theory and social network analysis.

Professor Spiro's research has covered a number of theoretical arenas including: network emergence, network dynamics, network methodology, complexity theory, the origins of innovation, and organizational form emergence and other dynamics. This work has examined several areas including the Broadway musical industry, the U.S. Film industry, and health organizations.

He has published in several academic journals, including the American Journal of Sociology and Science. His article, "Collaboration and Creativity: The Small World Problem" (American Journal of Sociology, 2005) won the 2008 W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship.

Research Areas

Social Networks; Organisation Theory; The Origin of Novelty and Innovation; Creative Industries; Network Emergence; Organisational Identity; Complexity Theory.


Organisation Management Theory; Developing Effective Networks; Social Network Methodology; Power and Politics.

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