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Since the launch of its Second Life campus in 2006, INSEAD has opened up its virtual space to MBA, Executive MBA and Executive participants for classes, online workshops and for networking purposes.  The virtual campus – INSEAD’s fourth campus after Fontainebleau, Singapore and Abu Dhabi – is part of the Learning Innovation Centre’s mission to explore and develop new learning technologies, methods, and ideas, which can be incorporated in to the design and delivery of INSEAD's programmes.  Click here to read more about the virtual campus in an interview with Professor Miklos Sarvary, Faculty Director of the Learning Innovation Centre.

What is Second Life and how to find us there?
Second Life is a 3D online digital world imagined, created and owned by its residents. Managers can connect up via the internet from their desks and find themselves in the same virtual space as their peers and the professors, to interact in real time through voice communications, text chat and messaging.   Through their 3D personas - called avatars - participants have the feeling of sharing the same physical space, like in real life, which makes the learning experience more compelling than with other more traditional virtual tools.

To access Second Life you first need to create an avatar (your Second Life identity) and download the software on your computer from the Second Life website at   To get started on Second Life, see full instructions below.



Second Life - Technical Requirements (link to website)

Second Life - Getting Started

Second Life - Enabling in-world Voice Capability

Second Life - Participating in Virtual Events

Second Life - Getting Comfortable in the Virtual Environment






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