The Learning Innovation Centre was founded in response to the need for an INSEAD wide institutional approach to managing innovation in our programme design and delivery.

The mission of the Centre is to leverage the wealth of INSEAD's internal knowledge and identify key areas for development and expansion for INSEAD's impressive teaching programme portfolio.

The role of the Centre is to assist INSEAD faculty members with developing innovative programmes, increasing their teaching expertise through personalised programmes and workshops, and supporting our Executive clients with pre- and post programme implementation support.


New executive programmes at INSEAD:

LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice

LEAP has been designed to help you bridge the knowing-doing gap by identifying and internalising the new behavioural knowledge and responses you need to improve the way you lead.

International Directors Programme

Set within an international context, the programme is aimed at current directors who bring specific competences and credibility to the boards on which they serve and at senior executives and professionals preparing themselves for a board mandate and whose contributions will enhance the programme’s learning environment.


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