Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethics

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Failure to attend to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics requirements from the various stakeholders has often seriously impaired careers of individuals and image of firms; whether it be through regulatory actions, market place sanctions, or consumer boycotts.

It is in the own interest of business to give importance to CSR and ethics, and more fundamentally it is the right thing to do. Good ethics is good business, and companies that do the right thing often do better as a result.

Research at INSEAD on CSR and ethics ranges from work that addresses fundamental questions about the scope of corporate responsibilities and a manager’s ethical obligations through to strategic drivers of business attention to corporate responsibility, such as ethical consumerism.

Illustrative projects underway in CSR and ethics at INSEAD:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability
    “Shareholder Primacy and Corporate Social Responsibility” (Ronnegard & Smith).
  2. Stakeholder Theory & Stakeholder Engagement
    “Judgments of Stakeholder Value: Advancing Stakeholder Theory through Prospect Theory” (Lankoski, Smith & Van Wassenhove)
  3. Sustainable Consumption & Ethical Consumerism
    “Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Responsibility Activities: The CSR Halo Effect” (Smith, Lopez & Read).
  4. Business & Marketing Ethics
    “Choice Without Awareness: Ethical and Policy Implications of Defaults” (Smith, Goldstein & Johnson).
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