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The Finance area is committed to producing first class theoretical and empirical research, while maintaining teaching quality and a spirit of enterprise in the development of new teaching programmes.  Our goal is to be innovative in developing a truly international group with no dominant national culture.

The Finance area group consists of 19 resident faculty members, 12 residing in Fontainebleau and seven residing in Singapore, all of whom teach regularly on both campuses.

We run an active seminar series, inviting scholars from around the world. We also devote significant resources to an internationally recognized PhD Programme.

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December 2014

Professor Kevin Kaiser on "Successfully Becoming a Top Manager: Moving From Functional to General Management", an INSEAD Live Series webinar taking place Wednesday 10th December 2014, 10:00am -11:30am CET Paris


September 2014

Professor Massimo Massa discusses innovation at family firms in the Knowledge article, Family Ownership Channels to Innovation.


September 2014

Professor Theo Vermaelen considers changes in the French cabinet in the Knowlege article, Creating Growth: Stimulate Demand or Supply?


June 2014

Professor Lily Fang's joint work with Victoria Ivashina and Josh Lerne, Combining Banking with Private Equity Investing, has been chosen as an Editor's Choice article by the Review of Financial Studies.


September 2013

Professor Joel Peress is presented with the AXA-INSEAD Chair in Financial Market Risk in Paris.


February 2013

The Economist Intelligence Unit has named Professor Kevin Kaiser as one of the four finalists for the "Business Professor of the Year" award.

October 2012

INSEAD Professor of Banking and Finance Jean Dermine has been invited to join a group of external Research Fellows at the  University of Surrey’s Research Centre in Banking and Finance.


25 July 2012

Professor Kevin Kaiser considers how to create value for your firm in the current economic climate.

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27 March 2012

Indebtedness is both a consumer and a financial industry problem. Regulatory bodies think more banking regulations will fix the problem. INSEAD Professor of Banking and Finance Jean Dermine is not so sure.

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3 November 2011

INSEAD professor Jean Dermine discusses the 26 October four pillar rescue package and Greek debt.

The Euphoria is over – the October 26 four pillar rescue package agreed by Eurozone leaders hit a wall when the Greek Prime Minister, backed by his cabinet, proposed to submit the bailout package to a referendum of the country’s weary and wary citizenry. Now what?

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27 July 2011

INSEAD professor Joel Peress on media's impact on share prices
How does media coverage affect share prices? INSEAD research suggests the best returns come from companies who never make the news.

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27 June 2011

Are we really in a recovery?
It's the infamous tug-of-war between Wall Street and Main Street: stock markets are recovering nicely and bondholders are being repaid, but unemployment lines are increasing and governments are finding their coffers falling deeper into the red because of lower tax revenues. Is this really a recovery? INSEAD professors Jean Dermine and Theo Vermaelen weigh in.

27 April 2011

Who should shoulder the cost of bank bailouts?

INSEAD Finance Professor Theo Vermaelen makes a case for his own version of convertible capital as the panacea to government bailouts when banks fail.

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