12 November 2010 - INSEAD Asia Campus, Singapore

The world economy is undergoing an historic transformation. For the first time in over a century, the traditionally rich countries will produce fewer goods and services than the developing countries. Such a shift of economic power can be compared to the discovery of the New World and the subsequent rise of the United States as an economic powerhouse. However, as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke has pointed out, the entry of the US into the core of rich countries took centuries, while the recent shift in economic power has occurred in but a single generation.

The global economic landscape is shifting at an unprecedented speed and Asian economies are the main engine of change.

The strong and speedy rise of Asia over the past decades has been based largely on the study of Western models: on replication and imitation. Recently, however, Asian companies are gaining prominence on the global stage while maintaining a distinctive Asian character. In a challenge to traditional views on business and society, we witness governments and markets operating successfully within political and institutional systems that are far from the standard benchmarks coming from Western Europe and North America.

But does continued growth depend on the utilisation of Wall Street capitalism – that is, on Western institutions, rules, practices and culture deployed in the East? What will happen if companies, consumers, governments resist the necessary change to propel an emerging Asia into the next level of development? Or will an Asian-style capitalism emerge? Are we on the brink of an alternative benchmark for the global economy, one where governments play a much bigger role in the market economy?

These questions will be among those addressed at the Leadership Summit Asia, held this year as one of the highlights in the celebration of INSEAD Asia Campus' 10th Anniversary in Singapore. It is an opportune time to reflect on the developments of the past ten years and imagine the next decade. INSEAD, as the Business School for the World, with students and faculty coming together from all parts of the world to study on each of its three campuses, combines an understanding of the old, new and emerging worlds, with an ability to make sense of the fundamental challenges facing businesses in today’s interconnected society.

We invite you to join us at the INSEAD Leadership Summit Asia 2010 on 12 November on our Asia Campus in Singapore.

This Leadership Summit Asia 2010 held in Singapore will be one of the key milestones of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of our INSEAD Asia Campus. This Anniversary is in itself a testimony of INSEAD’s remarkable achievements in its recently celebrated history of 50 years. The opening of a dual campus in 2000 was a pioneering move and a major step for INSEAD in becoming a truly global institution. In 2010-2011 the entire school will celebrate this anniversary in the school’s history and the extraordinary success of our Asia Campus since its opening ten years ago.

12 November: The Leadership Summit Asia 2010, Singapore - INSEAD Asia Campus

13 November: Alumni Forum and Reunion in Asia, Singapore - INSEAD Asia Campus. This event is exclusively for INSEAD Alumni.

13 November: INSEAD Monsoon Ball, Singapore. An occasion to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of INSEAD’s Asia Campus in style. This event is open to all.

Facts and figures about the INSEAD Leadership Summit Asia 2009:

  • Over 400 business and thought leaders from 32 countries gathered for the full day Summit, with CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents and Global Managing Directors making up the majority of the participants. Other guests include Ministers and Ambassadors.
  • Over 250 multinational and regional companies from a wide range of industries including: banking and finance, manufacturing, education, consultancy, pharmaceutical and government.
  • INSEAD alumni made up 38% of the participants
  • More than 20 regional media attended and reported on the Summit

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