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Saturday 24 November 2012

Taj Vivanta at Yeshwantpur, Bangalore


One of the key success factors driving the India growth story is the explosion in entrepreneurial activity across the board in India. By dint of their hard work, determination, and the gumption to rise above the often deficient infrastructure and civic governance in their midst, Indian entrepreneurs have propelled the growth and transformation of entire sectors of the economy ranging from information technology & telecom to infrastructure, manufacturing, health care and hospitality.

Opportunities for entrepreneurs will certainly increase with continued economic growth. Yet, Indian entrepreneurship may also be beset with many challenges which can be framed through questions such as: What are the ecosystem bottlenecks that are holding back the growth of promising for-profit new ventures? How can entrepreneurs building social ventures attract more high-quality talent as well as smart funding? What can successful entrepreneurs do to lead the reform of civic governance in India?

As the Business School for the World, INSEAD aims to participate in a sustainable way in the India growth story. At this INSEAD India Business Dialogue, we bring together forerunning INSEAD academics and established speakers from the entrepreneurship and private equity ecosystem in India to lead about 200 successful entrepreneurs, investors, business and media executives, as well as INSEAD alumni from around India and the globe, for a day of debate and discussion around this topic. The sessions include dialogues with accomplished entrepreneurs, private equity investors, panel discussions as well as many networking opportunities.

The INSEAD India Business Dialogue is held in conjunction with the INSEAD Leadership Programme for Senior Indian Executives (ILPSIE). For more details on ILPSIE, please visit this website.

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