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Sven A. Kado Sven A. Kado
President, IAA

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Being a member of your National Alumni Association (NAA) or the INSEAD Alumni Association (IAA) is a great way to stay in touch with friends, take part in wonderful events, search for new career opportunities, use MOBILE CONNECT, participate in life-long learning, in sum: remain an active member of a dynamic global network.

Making the transition from student to Alumni membership as smooth as possible is a priority for the IAA. Indeed, we want the “handshake” – i.e. the move from being a student to an alum – to be as seamless as possible. Therefore we plan to invite new graduates to discover the benefits of membership for six months. SIGN UP! is a ‘generational contract’ whereby previous Alumni invite the new graduates to "join the family" and experience our exciting and vibrant community. After six months, these Alumni would be able to continue with local membership in their country of residence or with IAA “Diaspora” membership. 

We are very excited about the potential of this idea, which will be a great way to welcome our ‘new recruits’ and engage them in our network right from the start. Watch this space for more details about the roll-out of this initiative.

SIGN UP! is not only for MBAs - membership is worthwhile for all INSEAD Alumni! This is why we are also reaching out to our EMBA/TIEMBA graduates, as well as to those Alumni who live in a country that does not have a National Association, i.e. the “Diaspora” Alumni, to encourage them to SIGN UP! too. For more on this, see Jane Shelton’s article entitled Changes in our leadership team in this edition.

If you are a member already SIGN UP! for local events, for voluntary work in your country’s committee, for one of our national or global clubs (See article by Roland Stapper, VP Clubs, IAA, Launching new global interest networks) and last but not least encourage a friend who is not yet a member to SIGN UP! too.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the IAA newsletter, and please do keep your comments coming!

Kind regards,

Sven Kado,


IAA President

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