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Global INSEAD Day
Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan

co-VP Asia, IAA

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We are delighted to announce our first Global INSEAD Day!

We have selected Thursday 12 September 2013 to coincide with the anniversary of the first Opening Ceremony for MBA students at INSEAD in 1959. We hope to capture the thrill and the excitement of each opening ceremony over the past five decades and channel it into a celebration of INSEAD across the continents.

The reason is simple. While diversity is our strength, unity is our credo. The National Alumni Associations formed across 45 countries around the world were set up by volunteers who wanted to keep alive the many fond memories of their time at INSEAD and help form a seamless network of graduates brought together by the shared INSEAD experience.
The Global INSEAD Day will provide an opportunity to every alumni to celebrate their INSEAD experience in unison with all other alumni as well as the faculty and students across the three campuses, but in a way that reflects their own personal experiences at INSEAD.

So this is a chance for each one of you to define what INSEAD has meant for you. If you would like to relive one of the many (in)famous national day parties at INSEAD, please do so. If you would like to dedicate the day to community service, please do so.  The important thing is that you should celebrate this day in a way that is reflective of your own experiences at INSEAD.  Whatever you choose to do, do it out LOUD, so that the rest of us can hear!

Please note that while there will be no centralised planning from the Alumni Office for your respective locals events, we will facilitate the exchange of ideas on a common platform, such as Facebook. We will have a dedicated webpage up and running by this quarter where you can post your own ideas about how you plan to celebrate the day. Who knows, you may end up winning a prize for the most innovative idea. We also plan to arrange recordings of the various celebrations around the world so that you can catch your classmates in action across the globe.
So please write to us with your ideas and your feedback. We want to make this an annual feature of your calendar, so let’s get together to make this first Global INSEAD Day a real success!

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