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Teaching Cases
'hypios: Seeking a Business Model for Open Innovation', by Karan Girotra and Christian Terwiesch. April 2014

'Putting a Price Tag on Facebook: Quantifying the value of Online Social Networks', by Annet Aris, Eric T. Bradlow and Robert J. Metry, 2010

Journal Articles

'Are Consumers Strategic? Structural Estimation from the Air Travel Industry', by

Serguei Netessine, Jun Li and Nelson Granados, Management Science, March 2014

'Debiasing the Mind through Meditation Mindfulness and the Sunk-Cost Bias', by Andrew C. Hafenbrack, Zoe Kinias and Sigal C. Barsade, Psychological Science, February 2014

'When Does the Devil Make Work? An Empirical Study of the Impact of Workload on Worker Performance' by Serguei Netessine and Tom F. Tan, Management Science (forthcoming), January 2014

'Entrepreneurial Exits and Innovation' by Vikas A. Aggarwal and David H. Hsu, Management Science (forthcoming), August 2013

Recent Working Papers and Awards

'Service Competition and Product Quality in the US Automobile Industry' by José A. Guajardo, Morris A. Cohen and Serguei NetessineAlliance Working Paper 2014/15/TOM/ACGR, February 2014

'No Strings Attached: Examining the Relationship Between Loosely Coupled Research Parnterships and Innovation', by Thomas Kleuter, Felipe L. Monteiro and Denise R. Dunlop.  Alliance Working Paper 2013/117/STR/ACGRE, November 2013

'Media-Driven High Frequency Training:  Evidence from News Analytics', by Bastian Von Beschwitz, Donald B. Keim and Massimo MassaAlliance Working Paper 2013/110/FIN/ACGRE, October 2013

Alliance Books
"The Network Challenge; Strategy, Profit, and Risk in an Interlinked World" by Professors Paul R. Kleindorfer and Jerry (Yoram) Wind.  For a complete review, please refer to INSEAD Knowledge - click here
Faculty Exchange 2013-14

Eric Orts, Guardsmark Professor, Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Management, Director, Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership, the Wharton School, hosted by the Economics and Political Science Area at IINSEAD



Research Seminars

On 3 April 2014, the Strategy and Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprise Areas at INSEAD jointly hosted Professor David H. Hsu, Richard A Sapp Associate Professor of Management at the Wharton School. Professor Hsu presented a research seminar entitled "Dynamic Commercialization Strategies for Disruptive Technologies: Evidence from the Speech Recognition Industry".

On 4 April 2014, the Finance Area at INSEAD hosted Professor Bilge Yilmaz, Wharton Private Equity Professor. Professor Yilmaz presented a research seminar entitled "Do Short Selling Constraints Matter?".


On Thursday 27 June 2013, the INSEAD Private Equity Network France and the Wharton Club de Paris will host a breakfast with Professor Laurence Capron, Professor of Strategy, Paul Desmarais Chaired Professor, and Director of the M&As and Corporate Strategy Programme at INSEAD.  Professor Capron will present her new book "Build, Borrow, or Buy: Solving the Growth Dilemma", published by Harvard Business Review Press.  Professor Capron will present her award winning book "Build, Borrow, or Buy: Solving the Growth Dilemma", published by Harvard Business Review Press.  Professor Capron's book won the category Business: Entrepreneurship & Small Business in the 2013 International Book Awards. See attached for full details


Forthcoming INSEAD-Wharton Joint Executive Education Programs:

Program: Leading the Effective Sales Force

16-20 June 2014 (Fontainebleau)

27-31 October 2014 (Singapore)

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